Benefits of using Vismo

Business Benefits

Identifying people in high risk areas

Country-change and Geo-fence alerts provide instant feedback and escalation when employees stray into high risk areas. Geo-fences also show when people move outside safe areas.

International incidents

Vismo provides a quick way to view latest locations in case of Earthquake, Flood or Terrorist Incident. Provides latitude and longitude and reporting for the involvement of medical assistance or physical extraction teams.

Responding to employees in distress

Panic alerts triggered from the device provide a way for a user to raise the alarm in the central control centre. Vibration and subtle colour change give comfort that the alert has triggered.

The iPhone has a separate Panic app which allows the user to press-and-hold to launch a panic without having to go into the Vismo app.

Vismo will covertly record audio which is sent back to the central website. Alert emails provide location maps complete with mapping images and recent locations with lat/long for reference.

Alert SMS provide textual address information and a contact number for response when there is no access to a web browser.

Duty of care procedures

Use location and panic provision for lone worker protection in order to adhere to corporate manslaughter requirements.

Phone activity reporting

Resolve contact issues by reviewing times when the device was switched on/off, charged, in a coverage area.

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Command and Control information for Crisis Management Centre

Be constantly aware of the latest locations and situations of all employees as Vismo helps you track phones by GPS.

View historic location information as a map trail or text report from a secure website from any internet-enabled PC or tablet. Current location and battery life are constantly updated on the secure website.

On-demand location fixes may be prompted from website.

Panic alerts provide instant way for staff in distress to contact central control. A device in panic state will begin to locate much more quickly.

Geo-fence and country-change alerts provide a pre-emptive way for central control to highlight potentially problematic situations.

Email and SMS alerts provide sufficient information for action to be taken even when internet access is not available.

SMS capability allows direct communication to/from employee devices which is logged.

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Global Tracking for Travelers

Vismo will work throughout the world. On GPS smartphones, all that is required is network coverage – either GSM, 3G, CDMA or WCDMA. Vismo for satellite phones can be used in areas where there is no network coverage.

Vismo has been successfully used in over 150 countries worldwide from Albania to Zimbabwe.

In normal operation the auto GPS tracking of Vismo will return locations every 15 minutes. However, when Vismo detects a country-change it immediately prompts a new GPS location and can send out an Country-Change alert.

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Reassurance of Employees

Whether it is a travelling executive or a lone worker entering a high-risk area, employees know that regular location data is always being sent to central control and that someone knows where they are at all times.

The Vismo application can also show the current and historical locations to the employee on their GPS tablet for peace of mind.

The Panic alert facility provides quick and covert way of indicating distress. Vismo for iPhone has a separate panic app that makes this process quick and simple.

The panic alert provides a simple vibration and colour change confirmation alert has happened. The employee will know that an audio clip is now recording and will be sent back invisibly to central control.

Battery levels are always sent back with each location fix so central control will always be aware of battery levels and low-battery alerts can be triggered.

Employees have the SMS number of the control centre and know that any SMS sent will be visible on a central control website and stored.

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Vismo requires no user intervention to work. It will auto-start whenever the device is on and run in the background.

The Vismo smartphone app has a friendly, easy to understand user interface which provides reassurance and peace of mind to the user.

The central control centre has full control over how often a device locates.


Optimised Battery Life

Vismo is designed to use minimal battery whilst getting GPS location. Battery impact is usually between 6%-10% per day depending on the frequency of locating.

Power Saving Measures

Vismo implements a number of patented methods to prolong battery life and ensure the user is still able to make and receive calls from their smartphone.

Covert Voice Recording

When a panic is initiated, the device will record 20 seconds of audio covertly - with no outward sign that this is happening. It will then send this back to the server where it can be heard by the control centre

Simple Invite Process

Adding a new device to Vismo is as simple and sending an invitation. The user clicks a link which detects the device type and downloads the correct version of Vismo. All the have to do is enter a 6 digit activation code and they are ready to go.