Benefits of using Vismo

Business Benefits

Identifying people in high risk areas

Country Change and Geo-Fence alerts provide instant feedback and escalation when employees stray into high risk areas. Geo-Fences also show when people move in or out of defined safe zones.

International incidents

Vismo provides a quick way to view last known locations in case of earthquake, flood or terrorist incidents. Lat/long coordinates and reports are made available for the involvement of medical assistance or physical extraction teams.

Responding to employees in distress

Panic Alerts triggered from an individual’s device raises an alarm directly to relevant Control Centre Personnel. Vibration and subtle colour change give comfort that the alert has been triggered.

Vismo offers a stand-alone Panic Button application, which allows the user to press-and-hold to launch a Panic Alert without having to go into the main Vismo app.

Vismo will covertly record 20 seconds of audio which is sent back to the Secure Portal. Alert emails provide key location details complete with mapping images and a list of the ten last known locations of the device, together with lat/long coordinates for reference.

Alert SMS provide textual address information and a contact number for response when there is no access to a web browser.

Duty of care procedures

Use location and panic provision for lone worker protection in order to adhere to duty of care requirements.

Phone activity reporting

Review times when the device was switched on or off based on analysis of the information in the location report; battery levels, signal strength and fix times over a period of time may suggest when the device was switched on.

Review times when the device was switched on/off based on interruptions to the location report, battery levels, and signal strength of the traveller’s device from the Secure Portal.

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Command and Control information for Crisis Management Centre

Always be aware of the latest locations and situations of all employees as Vismo helps you track smartphones by GPS.

View historic location information as a map trail or text report from a Secure Portal from any internet-enabled PC. Current location and battery life are constantly updated on the secure website.

On-demand location fixes may be prompted from website and online.

Geo-fence and country Change alerts provide a pre-emptive way for the Control Centre to highlight potentially problematic situations.

Email and SMS alerts provide sufficient information for action to be taken even when internet access is not available.

SMS capability allows direct, logged communication to/from employee devices.

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Global Tracking for Travellers

Vismo operates on a global scale, and smartphones with integrated GPS chips only require network coverage – either GSM, 3G, 4G, LTE, CDMA or WCDMA – in order to send location data to the Vismo Portal. Vismo for satellite phones can be used in areas where there is no standard network coverage.

Vismo has been successfully used in over 190 countries worldwide from Albania to Zimbabwe.

In normal operation, Vismo will report regular location updates at a frequency determined by each client. However, when Vismo detects a change of country, it will immediately prompt an additional GPS fix which can trigger a Country Change alert to relevant personnel.

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Reassurance of Employees

Whether it is a travelling executive or a lone worker entering a high-risk area, employees know that regular location data is being sent to the Control Centre, and that someone is aware of their whereabouts at all times.

The Vismo App can also show the current and historical locations to the employee on their GPS tablet for peace of mind.

The Panic Alert function provides a quick and covert way of indicating distress. A standalone Panic Button application, which makes this process even simpler, is available for download in the local app store of a traveller’s smartphone.

The Panic Alert provides a simple vibration and colour change as confirmation that an alert has been triggered. The employee will know that a 20 second audio clip starts recording upon initiation, and that it will be sent back to the Control Centre for playback and review.

Battery levels are always reported with each location fix, which ensures the awareness of Control Centre Personnel, and low-battery alerts can be configured to trigger whenever a traveller’s device drops to a certain battery level.

Employees have the SMS number of the Control Centre and know that any SMS sent will be visible within a Secure Portal and stored.

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Vismo requires no user intervention to work. It will auto-start whenever the device is turned on and run in the background.

The Vismo smartphone app has a user-friendly interface, which is easy to understand and provides reassurance and peace of mind to the user.

The Control Centre has full control over how often a device reports location information.


Optimised Battery Life

Vismo is optimised to require minimal battery whilst getting accurate GPS locations. Battery impact is usually between 1-3% per day depending on the frequency of locating.

Power Saving Measures

Vismo implements a number of patented methods to minimise the impact on battery life, and ensure the user is still able to make and receive calls from their smartphone.

Covert Voice Recording

When a Panic is initiated, the device will covertly record 20 seconds of audio. The audio clip will be sent to the Control Centre where it will be available for playback and review.

Simple Invite Process

Adding a new device to Vismo simply requires sending an invitation from the Secure Portal. The user clicks a link within the SMS or email invitation, which takes them to the device’s local app store to download the Vismo application. All the user must do is enter a 6-digit activation code and Vismo will start reporting location data.