Vismo Case Studies

Command and Control

A clinical statistician is visiting an area of the Middle East to determine the reasons why test data for a new drug trial are not producing the desired results.

The employee is driven to a secure hotel compound where he will stay for the whole trip - to be visited by the distribution and collection teams on the ground. His employers use the geo-fence facility of Vismo to create a perimeter around the secure complex. On the second day, the drug distribution team's transport breaks down on the way to the hotel and they ask instead for the statistician to drive out to the next village to meet them whilst their car is repaired. In his haste to complete his work, the statistician agrees and leaves in a car provided by the hotel. As the car leaves the secure compound, his employers are informed immediately be email and SMS alert that the geo-fence has been breached.

They immediately contact the statistician via his device and avert a potential problem by having him return to the hotel and instead having a trusted local transport firm pick up the distribution team from the nearby village and take them to the hotel.