Vismo Case Studies

Guardian Security Risk Management Partnership

Company Profile

Guardian are a Danish Organisation offering Security Risk Management solutions tailored to organisations requirements and obligations, designed to protect people, property, and reputation. Founded in 2005, Guardian work with both private and public organisations, operating in emerging and complex environments.

As part of their duty of care, organisations must ensure employee's health, safety and wellbeing are protected. Guardian aids organisations in providing a duty of care towards employees by managing security risks and instilling resilience to emerging crises. This is achieved through prevention strategies and crisis management responses in organisational operations.

Guardian provides specialist crisis management solutions along with 24/7 monitoring and responses to clients who are unable to manage a complex and prolonged crisis in-house. This reassures travellers that they have an immediate response when in a duress situation.

Business Situation

To further its security risk management solution and to assist with organisations operating in high-risk environments, Guardian sought to incorporate a tracking and monitoring solution into their System. The solution needed to integrate a range of features to aid in high-risk locations and with monitoring including panic alerts, together with geo-fences, live and historic locations.


Integrating Vismo into its security risk management solution has enabled Guardian to provide a full monitoring service to clients while providing peace of mind, especially for employees travelling in high-risk locations. Since 2014, Vismo and Guardian have developed a long-standing partnership, providing effective tracking and monitoring solutions to clients travelling in high-risk locations anywhere in the world.

Vismo uses GPS and other technologies to effectively locate users travelling around the world via their smartphone, tablet or tracking device. With an incorporated panic button, geo-fence alerts and many more features, this enables Guardian to track, protect and respond to employees as they travel to the world and in high-risk areas.

Vismo in Action

The partnership proved to be pivotal for a media team at an election rally in Baghdad where bomb explosions separated the team and placed them in extreme danger. The first bomb detonated, followed by gunshots that were fired aimlessly. People were frantically running in fear, trying to seek safety and within the confusion, a reporter colleague lost contact with the rest of the team and fled the scene in a taxi headed to their hotel.

Meanwhile, another member of the team activated their panic button from the Vismo App, which automatically alerted the Guardian Operations Centre who was able to listen to the covert recording sent from the device and instantly established that the team was in trouble.

The Operations Centre was able to track each member of the team using Vismo and recognised that the group had separated. Communicating with the separated reporter via the Vismo App, the Operations Centre informed them that they were heading in the opposite direction of their hotel and that they should instruct the taxi driver to turn around back to the city to their hotel. The reporter followed precise instructions from the Operations Centre and was safely reunited with the rest of the team. When the team arrived at their hotel, the Operations Centre received geo-fence notifications from Vismo assuring them that everyone had returned to the safety of their hotel.

Customer Quote

“When tracking and monitoring clients in high-risk locations, it is essential that the solution is reliable and provides accurate locations, ensuring help can be sent immediately during a crisis. Partnering with Vismo has provided us with a precise solution to monitor and protect clients travelling throughout the world while offering peace of mind for our clients.”

“Vismo is a vital tool when aiding clients in duress or hostage situations. Activating the panic alert sends an immediate alert from the device to our monitoring team, along with the clients’ location. During this process, Vismo covertly records audio which is available for playback and further allows us to determine the situation the traveller is and follow an escalation process to suit.”

Jens Ole Gye Pedersen, Operations Manager, Guardian SRM