Vismo Case Studies

International Incidents

An earthquake hits a part of India, in which a high-ranking government official is visiting the US Embassy, causing structural damage and a cut in landline communications. The official is carrying a Vismo device.

The quake makes it impossible for the official to reach his phone but as soon as news of the quake reaches the global security team in the US, they are able to pinpoint the area on a map and see instantly which officials are within the vicinity of the quake. This includes both the high-ranking official and his aide - also carrying a Vismo device.

The aide responds to an SMS sent directly from the Vismo site and confirms he is OK - an SMS can get through when the network may be overloaded with mobile voice traffic. The official does not respond to SMS or voice and so using the latitude and longitude from his device, the security team is able to contact on-the-ground emergency services and direct them to the most likely location of the official.

International Incidents and Employees in Remote Locations

A large multi national oil company has sent a group of engineers to survey a section of essential pipeline. Each engineer is equipped with a satelite phone with Vismo installed. The engineers work independently and each head out to survey their allocated sections, sometimes upwards of 20 miles apart and parts of the pipeline are in extremely remote areas.

On the third day of surveying an attempted coup takes place in a neighbouring province and the area becomes volitile. The multi national's Crisis Management Centre is aware of the potential problem and using Vismo locates all of the engineers to assertain their situation and location. The CMC is then able to send a message to all the engineers at once and advise them of the situation and arrange their exit.