Vismo Case Studies

Responding to Remote Workers In Distress

The CEO of a major petroleum corporation is due to discuss land rights in an area of Brazil. The area has been subject to kidnappings in the past and parties he is negotiating with are also known to have affiliations with local radicals.

The CEO engages a local private security firm to look after him but needs to enter the negotiation room alone. Without warning the CEO is told that the negotiations are happening in a different room. This sudden change of plan makes him nervous and he activates the Panic Alarm on his Vismo enabled device.

The alert sends an SMS alert to the security team leader and also to the control centre and starts recording 20 seconds of covert audio. The control centre listens to the audio and hears the CEO asking why the meeting is being moved. With this information, the security team outside are able to manage a proportional response to the situation which in turn keeps the CEO safe but also saves the talks since the room move proves to be nothing sinister.