Vismo Case Studies

Responding to Employees in Distress

A journalist has been despatched to cover a story about piracy around the African coast. Although he's flying into a safe country, following the story could see him visit a number of countries in the region. Equipped with Vismo installed on his smartphone, the journalist knows that his location is being constantly recorded. He speaks with a local who arranges an interview with an ex-member of a pirate group but the interview is to be held immediately, across the border in a higher risk area.

The automatic country-change emails and SMS are sent to both the central security team in London and the private security firm used by his organisation in the region. SMS from the journalist are shown on the Vismo website so his security team know that he is safe but should he fail to report in, the team will have his latest location and be able to mobilise local support in the relevant country.