Vismo GPS Location Features


The Vismo app can be quickly downloaded in the local app store of your smartphone.


  • Regular location fixes are automatically reported to a secure online portal at configurable frequencies
  • Assisted GPS enables location monitoring even when the device is indoors
  • If data coverage is unavailable, location information will be stored within the device until a connection has been restored
  • Immediately trigger a location fix from the device
  • On-demand location requests can be made within the Secure Portal

Vismo Secure Portal

Current and historic locations and telemetry information all available from a secure website.

  • People Search – find people quickly in a crisis situation
  • View last known locations of all travellers
  • Export reports for audits and review
  • Configuration of users, groups and access
  • Perform real time connectivity checks to ensure devices are functioning
  • Broadcast SMS and email from website to any supported device
  • Create Geo-Fences around specific areas
  • Configuration of alert lists for Panic, Country Change, Geo-Fence and Check-In Alerts
  • Invite new users via SMS or email

Panic Alerts

  • Easy to trigger from a smartphone or tablet
  • Available in the main Vismo App or as a standalone Panic Button App
  • Instant vibration to provide a confirmation that the Panic has been triggered
  • A Panic Alert triggers emails and SMS alerts to relevant Control Centre personnel, and will show a popup on all applicable browsers of the Secure Portal
  • Email alerts show the user’s last 10 known locations and mapping images of the area
  • Upon triggering a Panic Alert, a 20 second audio clip will be covertly recorded and automatically sent to the Vismo Secure Portal where it will be available for playback

The Vismo Alert fob can be connected to the Vismo App via Bluetooth, and may be worn on the wrist, around the neck or as a part of a key chain for remote, covert activation of a Panic Alert.

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VismoStream is an ASIS Accolades 2017 Security’s Best Winner feature, which allows instant encrypted transmission of live video and audio from any traveller’s Vismo-enabled smartphone, anywhere in the world, direct to the Vismo Secure Portal for live viewing and storage


  • The traveller may use VismoStream to broadcast their surroundings through 3-minute clips sent directly to the Vismo Secure Portal, which provide Control Centre Personnel with critical real-time information
  • Upon initiation, notifications of the incoming Stream are sent via SMS and email to relevant personnel, and an on-screen pop-up will appear within the Secure portal
  • Streams are not saved in the user’s device, but is saved within the Microsoft Azure Cloud based Vismo Portal.

Geo-Fence and Country-Change Alerts

Geo-Fences are outlined areas on a map which may be used to define particularly high-risk, or perhaps safe areas, within a generally high-risk country or province.

  • Define areas by drawing Geo-Fences onto the map in the secure website
  • Vismo sends out email and/or SMS alerts when a device moves in or out of a Geo-Fence
  • Email alerts contain mapping images showing the immediate area, the geo-fence area and a pin for the present location
  • Country Change alert notifications are sent via email, and will show the origin and destination country of the traveller

Battery Life

Vismo is configured to minimise the amount of battery used whilst maintaining a high level of accuracy for GPS location fixes.

Expected Battery Liftetime

Vismo uses approximately 1%-3% of additional battery per day on default settings.

Smartphone Friendly

Vismo has been designed against the manufacturer’s specifications for Smartphones therefore:

  • Vismo will work on a locked or unlocked smartphones
  • Vismo works on all mobile phone network types worldwide - GSM/CDMA/WCDMA
  • It is not necessary to jailbreak your iPhone (many GPS tracking apps or spy apps require this)
  • Vismo is an accredited BlackBerry Select Alliance Member

Workforce Management

In addition to locating and alerting, Vismo can also be used in a workforce management scenario using Check-in/Check-out functions. Administrators can define list of actions e.g. “arrived at site”, “started job”, “work suspended”, “left site” that can be downloaded to specific devices. Members of the workforce then select the relevant action at the time and Vismo ensures that an immediate location is found and confirms to the user that the action has been recognised and sent back to the site. Often used to monitor time-on-site for remote sales staff, this feature provides a lightweight option to validating attendance.