How does GPS Tracking Work On Smartphones?

What does Vismo do?

  • Smartphones and tablets have an internal GPS chip that allows them to accurately determine their position when outdoors. When indoors, other methods such as AGPS, Wi-Fi Access Points and Cell Tower triangulation are used to provide good quality location estimates.
  • Locations are sent to the Vismo Secure Portal over the internet.
How It Works image

The diagram above shows how Vismo can track a GPS Smartphone as it travels the world.

  • Once installed, Vismo will auto-start whenever the device is turned on.
  • Vismo will run in the background of the device, even if it is locked
  • Vismo will regularly get locations and report them to the Vismo Secure Portal
  • If the device is out of coverage, locations will be stored to the memory of the device, and reported once data connection has been restored
  • Vismo is optimised to minimise the impact on battery life
  • The Secure Portal shows the last known locations of all tracked devices
  • Devices also report telemetry details which include battery level and signal accuracy