How does GPS Tracking Work On Smartphones?

What does Vismo do?

Smartphones and tablets like iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Android have an internal GPS chip that allows them to accurately determine their position when outdoors. When indoors, other methods such as AGPS, Wi-Fi access points and cell tower triangulation are used to provide good quality estimates.

The Vismo tracking application uses all available locating techniques to accurately track a mobile phone as it travels the world. Locations are passed back to a central secure website over the internet.


The diagram above shows how Vismo can track a GPS Smartphone as it travels the world.

  • Once installed, Vismo will auto-start whenever the device is turned on.
  • Vismo will run in the background even if the device is locked
  • Vismo will regularly get locations and send them back securely over the internet
  • If the device is out of coverage, locations will be stored to the memory of the device, and downloaded when back in coverage.
  • Vismo is optimised to minimise the impact on battery life
  • The secure website shows the locations of all mobile tracking devices as they arrive in real time.
  • Devices also pass back telemetry details which include signal strength, battery level, charge indicator and coverage levels.