Incident Management

The Vismo Incident Management System allows operation teams to identify travellers efficiently in a crisis. After automatically locating travellers, the system prompts operation teams to immediately action assigned and definable tasks, accordingly.

This technological advancement allows Vismo to tell you who needs assistance within seconds of an incident occurring. Vismo has integrated live incident feeds into the platform, allowing security teams to efficiently identify travellers if an event was to occur. Only relevant information about incidents are sent out to the traveller if it may affect them. Security teams can integrate external data feeds into Vismo, this can be instead of, or as well as the Vismo supplied data feed.

Integrated messaging allows affected travellers to be immediately notified. A person search in the affected area is conducted, ensuring operation teams account for all affected travellers.

Mass messaging is implemented into the platform, allowing security teams to globally communicate with travellers. Multi-path messaging ensures communication can be maintained even in the event of outages or network contention. Additionally to this, there is no further battery drainage for the Incident Management System.

Within Incident Management, the privacy of the user is constantly maintained; operational staff are only given key information to assist the traveller.