Mass Notification

Efficient Mass Notification System in One Powerful Platform

In the event of a critical situation or an emerging risk, rapidly delivering crucial information to the right audience is imperative to employees’ safety. Vismo provides a secure, scalable and reliable system to enable enterprises to send two-way Mass Notifications to individuals or groups to keep them informed before, during and after critical events.

Rapidly & Effectively Communicate Important Information

Organisations need an efficient method to communicate crucial information about emerging events and incidents to a diverse audience around the world.

Using Vismo, Mass Notifications can be sent to targeted individuals, mass groups or people in geographic locations via multiple channels including SMS, Email, In-App and Phone Calls; targeting the individual not just the device. Send the Mass Notification to all channels simultaneously or cascade the communications to the different channels and loop the Mass Notification until a response is received.

Two-way Mass Notifications can be sent with coded response options that allow employees to quickly and effectively acknowledge and respond to the Notification with their current safety status. Their responses are automatically sent to the Vismo Secure Portal where Operations Teams can instantly see who requires immediate attention and follow the required escalation process.

Mass Notification Dashboards

  • Create customisable Message Templates for quick, effective Mass Notifications.
  • Using the interactive platform, view employee responses in real-time.
  • Monitor employee locations in relation to emerging risks.