Vismo Panic Button

One of the most reassuring features of Vismo is the Panic Button. For smartphones and tablets, this is a virtual panic button that can be activated in one of two ways. Either directly through the app, or via the standalone panic app located on the home page of your device. For satellite phones, and personal tracking devices, the panic button is more often a physical button, sometimes with a cover, to prevent accidental activation.


The Vismo Panic Button is also available as wearable technology on devices such as the Apple Watch, or the Vismo Alert Panic Button. The Panic Button can be worn on the wrist, neck or slipped inside a pocket and easily pressed. The personal alarm system connects to the Vismo smartphone application via Bluetooth. It overcomes the need for the user to unlock their device when attempting to activate the panic button; providing companies with a fast way of alerting users in an event of an emergency.

How it works

Pressing the panic button sends an immediate alert from the device to central monitoring servers, and once received, SMS and email alerts are sent out to defined recipients, alerting of the user’s location. Alerts are shown on the secure Vismo website for security monitoring teams to act upon. During this process the Vismo tracking app will covertly record audio and immediately increase the location tracking frequency to ensure the most accurate user location data is available.

For a user, it is important that a panic button remains covert. Experts suggest that any device that is noticeably in an ‘alarm’ state can be detrimental to the safety of the user, should they be in a kidnap, hostage or duress situation with an aggressor. As such, Vismo will typically only give a short vibration as confirmation, but otherwise will not indicate that any alarm has been raised.

It is the panic button situation that demonstrates the real value of Vismo’s passive locating approach. In kidnap or similar situations, it is not uncommon for mobile phones or similar devices to be taken and/or destroyed. At this point, the locations already received become invaluable.