Vismo - Iridium Tracking

Vismo is designed to provide peace of mind and reassurance to those travelling the world – often to high-risk or inhospitable places where there is no GSM mobile coverage. In these remote locations, a satellite tracking device is the only option. More details »

The Iridium Extreme 9575 can be programmed to report locations back to the Vismo central website on a regular basis, whenever the antenna is extended. There is no app to install, just a couple of settings to enter into the device menu.

The panic button on the top of the device can be used to trigger a Vismo panic alert where the owner is in distress. The rugged nature and small form factor make this a perfect choice for GPS tracking on mountain climbs, expeditions, and communications in war-torn areas of the world.


  • Available for purchase or rental
  • GPS Locations sent automatically and regularly
  • No App to download
  • Two-way SMS
  • Physical panic button
  • Geo-Fence and Country Change alerts


  • Iridium Extreme model 9575