Vismo - Personal Tracker

The Vismo Personal Tracker is a discreet GPS tracking unit no bigger than a matchbox which provides the same accurate locations as the Vismo Mobile Phone Tracking Application but with a much extended battery life of up to 10 days. The personal tracker also has a panic button and the ability to work using SMS or GPRS data and comes in a water resistant ruggedized format - ideal for situations where a mobile phone or tablet isn't suitable. More details »

It's possible to locate employees as they travel the world using the personal tracker. Vismo configures the tracker using remote SMS commands and it's ready to go. At 20 minute intervals the device can provide locations for up to 10 days. The locations are recorded in real time and sent to the secure Vismo website.

The personal tracker also comes in an IPX5 compliant water resistant housing for use in hostile climates which could be remote mountainous regions or construction sites. Once turned on, Vismo will work invisibly and require no user interaction.

Vismo will automatically locate whether indoors or outdoors and the app automatically starts up in the background, requiring no user intervention.

The personal tracker uses GPS but also provides good quality locations even when indoors. As with all Vismo devices there is a panic button provided which raises an instant alert.


  • Available for purchase or rental
  • GPS Locations
  • 10 day battery life
  • IPX5 compliant
  • Water resistant
  • Panic button
  • Geo-fence and Country Change alerts


  • VM300 personal tracking unit
  • GSM SIM card to provide SMS/GPRS data for connectivity