Vismo - Personal Tracker

The Vismo Personal Tracker is a discreet GPS tracking unit providing accurate locations which are automatically sent back to the Vismo Secure Portal. Monitoring teams can then locate an employee as they travel around the world, viewing their live and historic locations sent from the Personal Tracker. The Personal Tracker comes with a global roaming SIM and is capable of roaming on 2G/3G global mobile networks; making this ideal for situations where a mobile phone or tablet isn't suitable. More details »

The personal tracker has an extended battery life of up to 10 days when configured to 15-minute tracking intervals. Once the personal tracker has been turned on, Vismo will automatically locate whether indoors or outdoors and requires no user interaction.

As with all Vismo devices, the Personal Tracker has an integrated panic button on the front of the device. Once activated, the Personal Tracker will update a live location, and monitoring teams will be notified via email and SMS of the alert. Within the Vismo Secure Portal, monitoring teams will also receive a visual and audio alert of the alert being triggered, where they can then view the live location updates and follow the relevant escalation processes.


  • Available for purchase or rental
  • Roaming on 3G networks, SMS and GPRS
  • GPS locations – Live and historic
  • Up to 10-day battery life
  • Panic button
  • Geo-fence and Country Change Alerts


  • Vismo Personal 3G GPS Tracker
  • GSM data enabled SIM card to provide data for connectivity