Vismo - Tablet Tracking App

Tablets have become invaluable travelling companions allowing employees to access important information quickly while on-the-go. Due to their versatility, tablets are the ideal platform to provide a tracking application combined with the facility to track employees from the Vismo Secure Portal.

Vismo allows organisations to track employees as they travel the world via a simple software application which is downloaded to the tablet. Security teams also have the ability to track employees from their tablet using the Vismo Secure Portal. More details »

The Vismo Global Traveller App and the Secure Portal have been designed around tablets screens and has a large, friendly user-interface.

Vismo will automatically locate whether indoors or outdoors and the app automatically starts up in the background, requiring no user intervention.

Vismo makes great use of the inbuilt locating functions of tablets. Models of tablets with a SIM card are recommended for Vismo since they come with a GPS chip which provides the best GPS tracking performance and constant connectivity. Vismo will also work on a Wi-Fi only tablets but locations will be more approximate since there is no GPS capability and communication to the server will only happen when connected to a Wi-Fi access point.

Vismo is available across a range of tablets including Android tablets running on any operating system 6 or above and iPad models running on iOS 11 and above. The Vismo Global Traveller App for tablets is now available through the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


  • GPS locations (on cellular SIM card versions)
  • Locations even when indoors
  • Auto-start and background operation
  • Telemetry
  • Two-way SMS (on cellular SIM card version)
  • Press-and-hold panic alert
  • Geo-fence and Country Change alerts
  • Access to the Vismo Secure Portal
  • Minimal battery drain; approximately 1%-3% of additional battery per day on default settings.


  • Any iPad running iOS 11 or above
  • Any Android Tablet working on 6 or above
  • Works on GSM or CDMA
  • Data-enabled SIM
  • Cellular 3G/CDMA SIM versions recommended