Vismo - Vehicle Tracker

The Vismo Vehicle Tracker is a self-installed device designed to work in vehicles fitted with an OBDII port.

Like the Vismo Personal Tracker and Vismo Smartphone Application, the Vehicle Tracker automatically reports location data to the Vismo Secure Website at set intervals, along with Geo-Fence entry and/or exit alerts, the Vehicle Tracker alerts when disconnected from the vehicle. These alerts can be sent to anybody within the organisation and/or forwarded on to external partners.

In instances where GPS coverage is poor, the Vismo Vehicle Tracker will report its location using Cell Tower triangulation. The Vismo Vehicle Tracker contains an internal battery with up to 2.5 days reporting without power, does not affect vehicle warranty and can be easily moved between vehicles as required. Easily installed, with no mechanical experience required, the Vismo Vehicle Tracker can be installed in a matter of seconds.


  • Available for purchase or rental
  • Autonomous tracking
  • High sensitivity GPS receiver cell tower position-fail over
  • Internal battery backup
  • Re-configuration of parameters by SMS
  • Provides visibility of your remote mobile assets and personnel on one secure platform


  • Vismo Vehicle Tracker
  • Vehicle fitted with OBDII port