Vismo Alert - Panic Button

The Vismo Alert Wearable button is a personal alarm system that connects to the Vismo Smartphone Application via Bluetooth (Panic Button requires the installation of the Vismo application).

The Vismo Alert overcomes the needs for the user to unlock their device when activating the Panic Button; providing the designated response team with a fast way of alerting users in the event of an emergency.

After being pressed easily from inside a bag or pocket, wrist or neck, the Panic Alert is activated via Bluetooth technology. Vismo only gives a short vibration to the user’s smartphone as confirmation, but otherwise will not indicate that any alarm has been raised.


  • Uses Bluetooth technology to initiate Panic Alerts
  • Remote activation (does not require unlocking to activate)
  • Covert response
  • Immediate activation of Panic Alert when pressed
  • Covertly records 20 seconds of audio from smartphone when pressed
  • Fall detection
  • Range of up to 300 feet outdoors between Vismo Alert and smartphone
  • Out-of-Range notification
  • Battery lasts up to 1 year


  • Bluetooth-enabled smartphone with data-enabled sim
  • Vismo application on smartphone
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