VismoStream allows instant encrypted transmission of live video and audio from any traveller’s Vismo-enabled smartphone, anywhere in the world, direct to the Vismo Secure Portal for live viewing and storage. The function relays critical real-time information to Control Centre Personnel, allowing for a faster and more effective response.

In addition, SMS and email alerts can be generated and all VismoStream feeds are automatically recorded and stored for viewing any time from the Vismo Secure Portal.


  • Simple and immediate activation of video from traveller's smartphone
  • Real-time situational awareness and intelligence gathering
  • Enabled on demand or in parallel with the Vismo Panic Button
  • Secure storage of videos for later viewing
  • Operates globally on Mobile & Wi-Fi Networks
  • No additional configuration or setup required
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
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How it works

VismoStream is easily activated at any time by the traveller from the Vismo app. The video and audio data is securely transmitted via the device's internet connection to the Vismo servers where it can be broadcast to a number of Control Centre Personnel. Behind the scenes, Vismo uses industry standard encryption to ensure that the VismoStream is secure throughout transit. VismoStream feeds are received and stored on the Vismo Cloud Platform, backed by the Microsoft Azure infrastructure which is an integral part of our ISO 27001 initiative.