Vismo - Windows Phone Tracking App

Vismo is a tracking application that enables companies and organisations to locate individuals around the world via a simple software app, available to download on smartphone devices. Data can be monitored via a secure website that is used to display location information. This information can then be used by an external Crisis Management Centre to track, protect and respond to employees in danger. More details »

The Vismo GPS tracking app for Windows Phone has a user-friendly interface and provides security information to reassure the device owner of their safety.

The app automatically locates whether indoors or outdoors and requires no user intervention. The Windows Phone built-in location feature works with Vismo to operate in the background and maximise accuracy for the user’s benefit.

Vismo is compatible with a wide range of Windows Phone devices running on software version 8.1 or above and is available to download via the Windows Store.


  • GPS Locations
  • Locations even when indoors
  • Auto-start and background operation
  • Telemetry
  • Two-way SMS
  • Press-and-hold panic app - installed from within Vismo
  • Audio recording on panic
  • Geo-fence and Country Change alerts


  • Any Windows Device running software 8.1 or above
  • Works on GSM or CDMA
  • Data-enabled SIM