Find Me

Find Me provides organisations with the ability to integrate location services and infrastructure into their own mobile applications.

Vismo's team of developers and project managers will work with your organisation to integrate the patented background location service SDK into your App. Providing you with the end-to-end solution for reliable, low battery drain, location services information.

Find Me can be utilised in a wide variety of location critical apps, such as Travel Management, Airline, Insurance, Transport & Logistics and Healthcare.

Imagine at the time of an incident having a list of all clients in an affected area, how many people do you need to evacuate and assist? Or, an airport closes due to extreme weather, how many people will you need to find accommodation for? Combined into your own corporate app, the Find Me™ location SDK provides business critical information within seconds.

Enhance your mobile application with Vismo features such as the award winning VismoStream, Panic Buttons and VismoMessaging.

With years of experience and millions of locations handled daily, Vismo can scale and build solutions to meet your location service requirements.

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