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Understanding the Differences

Organizations needing to locate staff can choose to have full visibility of current and historical locations, or locate only in the event of an incident or risk. The latter might also incorporate employee concern or GDPR.

Vismo’s platform is flexible enough to offer both active and passive GPS tracking. Both can prove to be a valuable tool in improving employee safety and/or the proactive notification of risk. Understanding the differences between them and how they function will help organisations decide which one is right for them.

Tracking and Hotel Locations on Vismo Portal

Active Tracking

In this mode of operation, optimized location data is collected and transmitted by an employee’s mobile device or tablet using cellular wireless connectivity in real-time. Location data is available to view immediately either in the Vismo Secure Portal or via its Monitor App. This allows administrators to identify an employee instantly and respond faster to incidents no matter where they are in the world. Historical ‘bread crumb’ trailing can also be managed for multiple staff or virtual geo-fenced areas managed with entry/exit notifications.

Passive Tracking

Passive Tracking

As the name suggests, this mode of operation collects location data but does not make it immediately visible to administrators. Instead, the location becomes visible if an incident occurs and individuals are in the proximity of that risk or incident, or if they raise a red alert themselves. This ‘passive’ approach often helps provide comfort to employees or their representatives that location is not being deployed for reasons other than safety.

Vismo L&P - MO

Protect Your Teams

The Vismo Locate & Protect App is easily deployed to smartphones and tablets helping your security professionals monitor a teams whereabouts in relation to risks and incidents, and react quickly when required. The individual benefits from proactive notification of risk and is able to raise their own alert.

Vismo’s patented technology delivers high accuracy location fixes with minimal impact on battery performance. With the App running in the background of a device, it provides individuals with reassurance that assistance can be provided if a crisis occurs.

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