With the Atlantic hurricane season upon us, it’s important to acknowledge that hurricanes happen annually and pose threats to the coastal regions. Our ability to forecast hurricanes has significantly improved with the advancements in technology that can monitor atmospheric conditions, wind patterns and other key variables.

While technology can help forecast hurricanes, we can’t control the path of a hurricane and therefore taking proactive measures to mitigate the potential impact of a storm is essential.

Here’s how the Vismo solution can help you prepare.

Stay Connected

Stay connected and help keep employees safe with Vismo’s Mass Notification feature.

The Vismo Secure Portal makes it simple for organizations to immediately send messages to an individual or a team with crucial safety information and manage responses effectively.

Employees can also confirm their safety status, update as changes occur and request further support if required.

Identify and Monitor Risk

Vismo and its partners provide real-time risk data and threat updates which are collated and fed into the Vismo Secure Portal to help organizations better protect their employees.

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