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Enhancing Event Security and Efficiency

Vismo is a cutting-edge location tracking and communication solution ideal for event organizations looking to enhance safety, security, and overall efficiency.  With its advanced technology and real-time tracking capabilities, Vismo provides event organizers with the ability to monitor the whereabouts of staff and attendees in a seamless and efficient manner. This ensures enhanced safety and security measures, as well as improved coordination and communication during events.

Paris Geo-fence

Geofencing Technology

One of the key features of Vismo is its geofencing functionality, which allows organisations to set up virtual boundaries and receive alerts when individuals enter or leave designated areas. This feature is useful for managing crowd control, ensuring that attendees are where they are supposed to be, and responding quickly to any potential security threats or emergencies.

Large crowd at Stadium

Streamlining Event Communication

Vismo offers a range of communication tools, such as two-way messaging and check-in functionalities. These features enable event organizers to easily communicate with staff to provide important updates or instructions and receive real-time feedback.

By facilitating seamless communication and collaboration, Vismo helps streamline operations and enhance the overall experience for everyone involved in large events.

Vismo L&P - MO

Vismo Locate & Protect App

The Vismo Locate & Protect App is easily deployed to smartphones and tablets helping your security professionals monitor a teams whereabouts in relation to risks and incidents, and react quickly when required. The individual benefits from proactive notification of risk and is able to raise their own alert.

Vismo’s patented technology delivers high accuracy location fixes with minimal impact on battery performance. With the App running in the background of a device, it provides individuals with reassurance that assistance can be provided if a crisis occurs.

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