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Rapid & Effective Communications in a Crisis Zone

Many individuals in this sector are often dispersed internationally in small groups to the most remote locations and at short notice. With Vismo deployed to their phones, or to satellite handsets, you can be assured that in a crisis zone you know the whereabouts of your team and can quickly and effectively communicate with them about risk and their safety.

Geofences in Turkey from Earthquake

Keep Connected in a Crisis

Reach your teams in seconds when an incident occurs with Mass Notification. Using live intelligence feeds into the Vismo Secure Portal, combined with geo-fencing, organizations can immediately send targeted messages to individuals in proximity of an incident to provide critical information and assist with safe evacuation.

We can also provide eSIM capability over the air (OTA) to enable additional cellular coverage.

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Journalist reporting during disaster

Enabling First Line Responders

Receive real-time information from deployed teams or individuals during an incident without overloading your control room or security team.

No one can fully prevent incidents from happening and they often hit when we least expect them, therefore it is important that any tools used are accessible and secure, 24/7. The Vismo solution provides the essentials tools required to feed information back to responders at nearby locations.

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Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence tools provide a stronger, more granular understanding of risks and threats that occur daily around the world in real-time. Vismo acts as a conduit for this risk intelligence from multiple providers, marrying it with the known location of your employees, as well as safe and unsafe locations your organization will have pre-defined to effectively help modify travel itineraries and schedules.

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NY - Geofences

Create & Monitor Geo-Fences

When your teams are dispersed to unknown or unsafe areas in the event of an emergency, the ability to set up geo-fences quickly using Vismo is essential to help keep workers safe. Custom-drawn shapes to the geo-fence and any applicable time conditions can be easily defined allowing you to understand when employees enter or exit these locations.

Vismo L&P - MO

Protect Your Mobile Workforce

The Vismo Locate & Protect App optimizes location services on smartphones and tablets to understand an employee's whereabouts in relation to risk and to assist their employer in the event of an incident. Highly optimized to provide the most accurate locations but with minimal impact on battery performance, deployment is simple and quick, even to employees already abroad.

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