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Choose Your Vismo License Option

Vismo offers an expansive range of features to help organizations track, locate and protect their teams. We understand no one solution fits all, that's why we have curated our offer into four different license options, enabling employers to pay only for the features they will use and are relevant to their employees and the risks they face, irrespective of their location.

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Ideal for those requiring low cost but organization wide mass notification.

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  • Mass notifications*
  • Vismo branded apps
  • Passive tracking

*Bundle credits required.

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Includes all Notify features with the addition of red alert, location sharing and check-ins.

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  • Red Alert function
  • Locate now function
  • Check-in function
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If active tracking employees is required in addition to mass notification and alerting.

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  • Tracking & history trails
  • Assignments & Geo-Fencing
  • Single country cover


Full multi-country or global coverage, additional customization and features.

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  • Custom branded apps
  • Global coverage
  • All Vismo features
Vismo L&P - MO

Protect Your Mobile Workforce

The Vismo Locate & Protect App is easily deployed to smartphones and tablets helping your security professionals monitor a teams whereabouts in relation to risks and incidents, and react quickly when required. The individual benefits from proactive notification of risk and is able to raise their own alert.

Vismo’s patented technology delivers high accuracy location fixes with minimal impact on battery performance. With the App running in the background of a device, it provides individuals with reassurance that assistance can be provided if a crisis occurs.

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