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Why Choose Vismo?

Vismo is a leading provider of advanced location tracking and risk management solutions. With its innovative technology, Vismo empowers organizations to effectively manage and mitigate risks faced by their employees, whether they are traveling locally or globally.

By combining precise location tracking, mass notification capabilities, and proactive risk level alerts, Vismo enables organizations to enhance employee safety and respond swiftly to incidents. With over 450,000 individuals safeguarded by Vismo, it is a trusted solution that provides peace of mind and cost advantages for all.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to be a trusted and value-focused partner, helping employers track, locate and protect their mobile or lone workforce. We deliver active or passive employee tracking solutions as well as a ‘no-nonsense’ mass notification platform and a conduit to channel your risk knowledge.

Established in York, UK and New Jersey, USA in 2012, Vismo takes pride in providing location monitoring and safety solutions to over 350 clients, helping protect over 450,000 users globally. Vismo is compatible with and optimized for a wide range of smartphones, tablets, personal trackers and satellite devices.

Vismo Team

Our People

Meet the Vismo Team, here to help organizations better protect their mobile and lone working employees.

Collectively, we have over 70 years of experience and passion in helping reduce risks for employers and enable more structured, reliable and proactive management of worker security. The result is a safer, happier and more productive workforce.

Meet the team

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Vismo has always been aware of the need to ensure its impact on the environment is minimal. As a SaaS based service provider it might be easy to think that we have little impact but we are always on the lookout for ways to make a positive impact.

From promoting the deployment of eSIM to our clients to reduce plastic waste and unnecessary courier journeys. To ensuring that any packaging we use is recycled and recyclable. We are actively implementing our ESG framework and will shortly achieve a net zero impact position.