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Client-Flexible Approach to Monitoring

Vismo aims to provide a completely client-flexible approach to the monitoring of all employees in any sector, from lone working to traveling abroad.

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Client-Managed Monitoring

Many of our clients have the ability and/or desire to self-monitor their workers and to manage and respond directly to any incidents raised. Vismo is able to facilitate this approach by enabling the use of its Secure Portal directly within the client's monitoring center (e.g. GSOC), security department or to designated administrators.

The Secure Portal can be accessed securely from all common internet browsers and no other further integration or hardware is required. This solution is often chosen by large corporates or local/public authorities who operate a 24/7/365 security facility.

Vismo Monitor - USA

Vismo Monitor App

The Vismo Monitor App allows organizations to better manage alerts trigged by employees using a mobile device or tablet. 

When an alert is activated, administrators of the account receive a message with the individuals last known location, phone number, email address and an audio recording from when the alert was activated.

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