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Executive Protection Solutions

Vismo recognizes the importance of safeguarding the safety and security of high-profile individuals and executives. Our Executive Protection solutions are designed to cater for the unique needs and requirements of clients in this sector.

Whether you require personal security for travel, events, or daily routines, Vismo is committed to delivering Executive Protection services that prioritize safety above all else.

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Personal Emergency Alert 

No matter the location or time, executives can quickly and easily raise an emergency alert in the Vismo Locate & Protect App when they feel threatened or when an incident occurs.

Once an alarm has been activated, the EP Team can be notified and any background audio will automatically begin recording and sent to your Global Operations Center or one of our Partners for review, allowing them to provide an appropriate response. 

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London Geo-fence

Create and Monitor Geo-Fences

You may already know of safe or unsafe areas that your executives enter often or on a daily basis. It's quick and easy to add geo-fences using Vismo. The shape and any applicable time conditions can be defined allowing you to understand when executives enter or exit.

A notification can also be sent to the executive warning them that they are entering a potentially high-risk area or leaving a safe zone.

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Direct Messaging

Vismo uses industry standard AES 256 encryption for In-App messaging which provides a high-level of security which prevents third parties from intercepting and reading messages. The encryption technology used by Vismo ensure information shared through direct messaging remains confidential and protected from unauthorized access. This robust security measure not only safeguards the privacy of users but also the overall security of communication within the platform.

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Vismo Locate & Protect App in Mexico

Vismo Locate & Protect App

The Vismo Locate & Protect App enhances location services on smartphones and tablets to track an executives whereabouts in relation to potential risks and support your security team during emergencies. Designed for optimal accuracy while minimizing battery usage, the App ensures swift deployment with ease, even for those executives with a hectic schedule.

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Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence tools provide a stronger, more granular understanding of risks and threats that occur daily around the world in real-time. Vismo acts as a conduit for this risk intelligence from multiple providers, marrying it with the known location of your executives, as well as safe and unsafe locations your organization will have pre-defined to effectively help modify travel itineraries and schedules.