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Reach the Right People, Quickly

In emergency situations, every second counts. A reliable mass notification system is crucial for effectively communicating important information to your employees, regardless of their location. Whether it's a natural disaster, security threat, or any other emergency, prompt and accurate communication can save lives and minimize potential risks.

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Why Mass Notification Matters

Mass Notification from Vismo ensures employee safety by swiftly and effectively communicating critical information during emergencies. This powerful solution enables real-time alerts, updates, and instructions to be sent across multiple communication channels, including mobile devices, email, SMS, Slack, and voice calls.

By promptly disseminating vital information, employees can make informed decisions, take necessary precautions, and respond appropriately to ensure their safety. This proactive approach enhances overall security and fosters a culture of preparedness and resilience among employees.


Mass Notification Two-Way Messaging

Two-Way Communication

Two-way communication allows individuals who have received a Mass Notification to reply with their safety status and update accordingly as the situation develops. Notifications can be looped until a response from the employee is received.

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Vismo Locate & Protect App

The Vismo Locate & Protect App enhances personal safety and security through real-time location tracking and monitoring. With panic alerts, geo-fencing, and check-in functions, users can discreetly signal for help in emergencies. Customizable settings and notifications cater to individual safety preferences. Whether for lone workers, travelers, or those in high-risk environments, the App provides reliable and efficient personal protection for peace of mind.

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Create and Monitor Geo-Fences

You may already know of safe or unsafe areas that apply to your organisation. These can be easily added to Vismo using geo-fences. The shape and any applicable time conditions can be defined allowing you to understand when employees enter or exit.

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Message Bundles

Vismo offers a range of cost-effective message bundle options to suit your needs. A simple approach that incorporates all message types ensures easy operation and simple billing.