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Reach the Right People, Quickly

When an incident occurs, it’s vital you reach your employees quickly with a solution that is reliable and easy to use. Vismo’s Mass Notification feature allows security professionals to instantly send messages and manage responses to an individual or team when their health, safety or security may be at risk.


Live Intelligence Feeds

Live intelligence feeds from trusted sources are integrated into the Vismo Secure Portal which enables security or operations teams to actively or passively track, monitor and manage employees all in one simple platform, on either PC or phone.

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Two-Way Communication

Two-way communication allows individuals who have received a Mass Notification to reply with their safety status and update accordingly as the situation develops. Notifications can be looped until a response from the employee is received.

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Simple to Use

Vismo’s user-friendly interface makes it simple to prebuild custom messages that can be configured quickly when an emergency arises. With a few simple clicks, Mass Notifications reach everyone who needs to be informed quickly.

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Create & Monitor Geo-Fences

You may already know of safe or unsafe areas that apply to your organization. These can be easily added to Vismo using geo-fences. The shape and any applicable time conditions can be defined allowing you to understand when employees enter or exit.