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Better Manage Alerts

The Vismo Secure Portal enables managers or a security team to monitor the locations and safety of individuals on a live map and by receiving active alerts, in real-time, through the web browser Portal.

In addition, when an alert is activated, administrators of the account or direct line managers can receive an in-app message with the individuals last known location, phone number, email address and an audio recording from when the alert was activated.

History Trails in the US

Location History and Trails

Authorized personnel can view the location history of individuals, this can be vital for auditing purposes, job costing or proving safety. Another way to view the data is through a history trail, to visually view the routes taken. This can be used in conjunction with geo-fences, helping identify if individuals have traveled through areas identified as at-risk.

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Active Messaging & Alerts

It is crucial that an alert from an individual is acted upon quickly and effectively as a speedy response can help save lives. The ability to acknowledge an active alert within the Vismo Secure Portal informs other administrators that the alert is being dealt with, reducing any overlap or missed alerts.

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Customized Dashboard

Vismo has created dashboards that allow administrators to customize what is viewed on the map. Dashboards can be configured to show a particular user, groups of users, incidents, locations and map types. Dashboards ensure administrators can quickly access the relevant data to monitor their employees, saving vital time in an emergency situation.

Geofences in Turkey from Earthquake

Manage and Support Individuals Effectively

Integrating live incident feeds into the Vismo platform ensures users within an affected area are automatically identified and notified via mass notifications. â€‹When an incident occurs, the security team can view the incident details and identify any travelers in the area on the Vismo Secure Portal and manage a prioritized response.

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The Vismo Monitor App

The Vismo Monitor App delivers notifications and alerts directly to your authorized administrators' mobile devices. All of the important details are displayed such as the users last known location, phone number, email address and an audio recording from when the alert was activated.

It's like having the Vismo Portal in your pocket.

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