Vismo launched the Vismo Monitor App in January 2022 and since then organisations have effectively managed alerts triggered by employees who find themselves in a critical situation and require assistance. The App delivers notifications and alerts directly to a mobile device of designated administrators to ensure support can be immediately provided, even if they are away from their desks. 

We are continuously evolving the Vismo Monitor App to exceed customer expectations and we’re excited to share two new features that have recently launched. 

User Search feature

The User Search feature allows administrators to search for an employee by name or email address within the App to see their last known location, without the need to log into the Vismo Secure Portal on a laptop or computer. The location address, time, coordinates and what3words will be displayed as well as an option to contact the employee directly.

Face ID and Touch ID authentication

Administrators can now set up biometric authentication, such as fingerprint sensors or face ID, to securely open the app on their mobile devices. This familiar feature is optional but highly recommended as it’s an important step in protecting sensitive data and enhancing security.

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