According to NSSL, approximately 1,200 tornadoes hit the United States each year and bring massive winds and destruction in their paths.

A tornado can sometimes strike quickly and allow no time for a warning to be issued. Don’t wait for a tornado to act, preparation and effective communication is key to being resilient and empowering employees with the knowledge and tools to help keep them safe will mitigate risk. 

Here are three important tips to support your preparation: 

  1. Pay close attention to changing weather conditions and be aware of the signs that may indicate a tornado is approaching. 

  1. Identify local emergency shelters to direct traveling employees to safety. 

  1. Implement a solution to effectively track, notify, and stay in touch with employees, even when infrastructure is impacted. 

Vismo has a solution that is simple to deploy and allows you to actively or passively track your employees. If a tornado watch or tornado warning occurs, administrators can immediately send mass notifications to an individual or team based on their proximity to the tornado to alert them, send safety precautions and remain in constant contact to provide crucial updates.  

No signal? No problem. In the event of cell tower outages, Vismo can deploy satellite solutions! All our satellite devices are fully integrated into the Vismo Platform, enabling users to benefit from features such as accurate Location Reporting, Red Alerts, and Geo-Fencing. Furthermore, all devices can send accurate locations back to the Vismo Secure Portal within minutes meaning security teams can accurately track employees and respond quickly.

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