The collaboration combines Vismo's enhanced GPS tracking technology with Control Risks' expertise in risk management, to offer clients stronger security solutions worldwide for their employees including contract workers, volunteers and those on work experience.

By integrating Vismo's advanced tracking capabilities with Control Risks' skills and knowledge in risk monitoring and crisis management, user organisations benefit from a broad suite of risk and security solutions. Additionally, they will be better equipped to proactively monitor, identify, and respond tor risks and threats, 24/7. By doing so they will help protect their people, assets, data and reputation, regardless of their location.

Says Vismo Global Sales Director Colin Dale: “Our partnership brings together two industry leaders, each with their own unique strengths. Vismo’s high-end tracking technology enables organisations to monitor and protect their employees, assets and operations in real-time while Control Risks provides strategic insights  and actionable intelligence  to mitigate potential threats.”

Gwendoline Pichon de Vendeuil, Partner, Control Risks ONE (Global Risk Operations Centre) comments: “Together, we combine the best of location tracking from Vismo with a virtual team of risk and security specialists, integrated with your business and available 24/7 in a dedicated Global Risk and Operations Centre.  We instinctively understand that organisation’s need to get ahead of potential threats, feel equipped to respond in crises, and protect their people – no matter what.”

About Vismo:

Vismo is a global specialist in tracking and security solutions, enabling organisations to monitor and protect their employees, assets, and operations in real-time. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Vismo delivers advanced tracking technology that empowers organisations to mitigate risks and ensure the safety of their personnel worldwide.

About Control Risks:

Control Risks is a global risk consultancy firm specialising in helping organisations manage political, integrity, and security risks in complex and hostile environments. With over 40 years of experience, Control Risks provides strategic insights, expert analysis, and practical solutions to enable clients to navigate the challenges of an ever-changing global landscape.

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