Vismo: The All-in-One Solution for Tracking, Communication and Risk Intelligence

From employee safety and security to real-time communication and live location tracking, Vismo provides a single centralized platform that simplifies a business's security operations.

In times of crisis or emergency, swift and effective communication is essential. With Vismo, businesses can send Mass Notifications immediately ensuring that important safety information and advice reaches those impacted by the incident. This not only helps in managing emergencies efficiently but also fosters a sense of security and preparedness among employees.

Vismo's panic alert feature allows users to quickly signal for help in emergencies. With a press of a button, employees can send real-time alerts to designated contacts or security teams, enhancing safety and enabling prompt assistance in dangerous situations. This feature contributes to a more secure working environment and provides reassurance to individuals.

The Vismo Locate & Protect App provides a high level of customization, enabling users to tailor features, settings, and alerts to meet their unique needs. This includes the capability to customize the homepage by adding and organizing titles according to business requirements, as well as adjusting tracking, check-in, and privacy settings. These personalized options ensure a tailored solution that addresses users' safety and security concerns.

The Vismo Secure Portal allows organizations to monitor and track their employees in real-time. By leveraging the App's location tracking, breadcrumb trails, and offline tracking features, businesses can ensure the safety of their workforce, especially in high-risk situations such as natural disasters or physical security threats. The ability to receive instant updates on employees' whereabouts and safety status provides employee reassurance and the ability to make qualified and informed choices ahead of time.

Additionally, Vismo offers a range of two-way communication tools that facilitate seamless interaction. Whether it's sending messages, sharing updates, or requesting support with colleague or security support, the Vismo App enables employees to stay connected and informed, regardless of their location.

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