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Vismo Locate & Protect App

The App is built to help organizations track, locate and protect their workforce. Whether employees are traveling national or globally, or domestic lone workers, Vismo have a license type to suit their risk profile. Managing an incident such as terrorist attacks, severe weather warnings or just pre-warning staff of risks in their area is all possible and intuitive.

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Choose Your Vismo License

Vismo offers an expansive range of features to help organizations track, locate and protect their employees. We understand no one solution fits all, that's why we have curated our offer into four different license options, enabling employers to pay only for the features they will use and are relevant for the potential risks faced, roles and locations.

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Vismo Secure Portal

The Vismo Secure Portal enables managers or a security team to monitor the locations and safety of traveling or lone working employees on a live map and by receiving active alerts, in real-time, through the Portal.

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Tracking and Hotel Locations on Vismo Portal

Active or Passive Tracking?

Organizations needing to locate staff can choose to have full visibility of current and historical locations, or locate only in the event of an incident or risk. The latter might also incorporate employee concern or GDPR.

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