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eSIM Solutions for Improved Business Continuity
& Traveler Safety

Vismo’s eSIM solutions are effective and easy to deploy, providing employees with greater cellular coverage when they travel. All modern smartphones have the ability to receive a Vismo eSIM over the air and can be activated by the user by simply scanning a QR code.


Wider Range of Roaming Networks

eSIM enables your teams to access a wider range of roaming networks even if they are in country for short periods of time.

Often costs for roaming will be cheaper than native tariffs and adding eSIM will help improve your business continuity plan when it comes to users needing to raise an alert or be located. 

Vismo can help you understand the coverage of cellular networks in the context of where your traveling staff are. Adding eSIM coverage can immediately improve their ability to raise an alert or receive mass notifications. 

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Simple eSIM Management

Vismo makes it quick and easy to assign an eSIM to a mobile device, activate it, or deactivate it if necessary. No matter where your team is physically located. 

The process to enable an eSIM is simple to follow and takes seconds. Vismo will forward you QR codes for each user to scan, which automatically adds the connectivity in their smartphone.


Why Choose eSIM?

Cyber Security

More Secure

An eSIM has significant security benefits compared to a physical SIM. It can't be removed if a phone has been lost or stolen. No need to obtain, carry and swap physical SIM cards, which can also be lost, or wait for them to arrive in the post.

Telecommunication network above city

Greater Coverage

eSIM compatible smartphones will provide mobile and traveling employees with better cellular network coverage which improves their safety.

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Understanding the Benefit

Via the Vismo Secure Portal, we can help you easily understand the quality of cellular coverage in the context of where your staff are operating. Adding eSIM can augment this coverage and give you immediate visibility of the improvement.