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To explore the capabilities of Vismo and the benefits to your organisation, we recommend scheduling a demonstration with one of our specialists. Experience our secure portal, tailored smartphone apps, and diverse monitoring features to find your perfect solution.

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Popular Vismo Products

Vismo Locate & Protect App

The Vismo Locate & Protect App uses location services on smartphones and tablets to understand an employee's whereabouts in relation to risk and to assist their employer in the event of an incident.


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The Vismo Secure Portal

The Vismo Secure Portal enables managers or the Alarm Receiving Centre to monitor the locations and safety of employees by receiving active alerts, in near real-time, through the Portal.


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Send Mass Notifications

Reach employees quickly with Mass Notification. Using live intelligence feeds into the Vismo Secure Portal, combined with geo-fencing, organisations can send targeted safety messages to employees in proximity of an incident and assist with safe evacuation.

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