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In addition to the Notify features, Vismo's Alert license introduces an ability for remote or traveling employees to raise an alert easily and quickly if they feel at risk or there is a security incident. The Vismo Locate & Protect App features an easy to access and use panic/red alert button which can be tailored with sound, haptics and a count-down feature based on your requirements. When activated, an alert is immediately raised from the user's app to the Vismo secure portal and flagged to your security team or designated escalation points of contact.

Alert also allows users to check-in or check-out or to periodically share their location by using the Locate Now button.

TSA Security Check at Denver International Airport

Reach the Right People, Quickly

When an incident occurs, it’s vital you reach employees quickly with a solution that is reliable and easy to use. Vismo’s Mass Notification feature allows organizations to instantly send messages and subsequently manage responses to an individual or a group of employees when their health, safety or security may be at risk.

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Businessman travelling at night

Personal Emergency Alert 

No matter the location or time, employees can raise an alert in the Vismo Locate & Protect App when an incident occurs, or when they enter high risk areas or if they feel at risk.

Once an alert has been activated, employers will be notified and 10-second audio clips as well as the user's accurate location will automatically be shared to the Vismo Secure Portal for review.

Administrators can manage an effective response from the portal or the Vismo Monitor App if they are away from their desk. 

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Vismo L&P - MO

Simple Safety For All Your Employees

The Vismo Locate & Protect App optimizes location services on smartphones and tablets to understand an employee's whereabouts in relation to risk and to assist their employer in the event of an incident. Highly optimized to provide the most accurate locations but with minimal impact on battery performance, deployment is simple and quick, even to employees already abroad.

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