Vismo will be on stand SH1474 at the Safety & Health Expo 2023. We invite you to come visit the Vismo team and learn more about our award-winning technology, the benefits to your business and lone workers, and have a face-to-face demonstration of how Vismo works. 

We recognise the unique risks the health and safety industry face, and how it’s critical now more than ever to deploy a solution to protect the safety of lone workers. 

The Vismo team will demonstrate our mass notification feature that allows employers to instantly notify all lone workers, or a specific group or individual, to provide safety advice and guidance about a nearby risk. No matter the location, Vismo actively or passively tracks employees’ location and understands their risk status. A discreet alert can be activated by lone or other workers within the Vismo Locate & Protect App to notify their employer of an incident or a potential risk, night or day, 24/7. 

By implementing Vismo technology, organisations can have an effective communication plan that works if an emergency happens, ensuring business continuity is best maintained. What’s more, employees gain peace of mind knowing they can be contacted in the event of an emergency and immediate assistance will be provided. 

We will have a range of handheld satellite and mobile devices on hand, which are ideal for locations across the United Kingdom that have little or no mobile coverage. All devices fully integrate into the Vismo platform, enabling users to benefit from features such as accurate Location Reporting, Red Alerts, and Geo-Fencing. 

For more information on Vismo or have any enquiries, please contact 

Phone +44 (0) 194 616666 (UK and RoW) or +1 866 815 9128 (USA).