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Vismo Alert v2.0 with RapidSOS Ready Badge

Vismo Alert v2.0

This tiny and ultra-discreet device can be clipped onto various materials such as clothing, a belt or a bag or positioned in fixed locations in a building or vehicle. Vismo Alert v2.0 connects to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth 5.0 and when the device is pressed, this activates the Red Alert feature on the Vismo App. This ultra-discreet alert will instantly send in-app messages, SMS and/or emails to managers to inform them of the situation, or open audio from the Vismo App. With a battery life of up to 3 years and a paired range of up to 50 metres or more, the Vismo Alert v2.0 is perfect for situations where it may not be suitable for a smartphone or tablet to be visible.

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