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Fit for Purpose from the Start

Choosing the right solution for your workforce will need to take account of the type of work they do, where they operate and the risks they may face.  

Vismo’s range of dedicated, fit for purpose devices are an alternative way to ensure employee safety can be monitored, no matter how remote the area is. 

Satellite Devices


Our devices ensure your teams are safe no matter how remote the area is, anywhere in the world. 

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Satellite Orbiting Earth

Satellite Airtime 

Using a device out of the country or in a remote location, our satellite airtime package allows you to keep your workforce connected at all times.

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eSIMs offer a cost effective and easy to deploy way to improve cellular coverage for travelers, or to improve business continuity. All modern smartphones are able to add eSIM capability and Vismo can enable this over the air with a simple QR code.

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