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Vismo License: Notify

Vismo's Notify license is perfect for employers who want to deploy an effective mass notification tool. With Notify authorized administrators can choose to message all employees or those in the vicinity of risk or an incident. Vismo can relay your messages to all employees rapidly and with a full audit trail. Messages can be delivered either in-app, via SMS, email and voice. 

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Reach the Right People, Quickly

When an incident occurs, it’s vital you reach employees quickly with a solution that is reliable and easy to use. Vismo’s Mass Notification feature allows organizations to instantly send messages and subsequently manage responses to an individual or a group of employees when their health, safety or security may be at risk.

Bundles credits to suit your monthly level of mass notification are required to access this feature. Contact us to find out more information.

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Vismo L&P - MO

Simple Safety For All Your Employees

The Vismo Locate & Protect App optimizes location services on smartphones and tablets to understand an employee's whereabouts in relation to risk and to assist their employer in the event of an incident. Highly optimized to provide the most accurate locations but with minimal impact on battery performance, deployment is simple and quick, even to employees already abroad.

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