Vismo Showcases Leading Security Innovations at IAHSS

Vismo, a leading provider of location-based security and communications solutions, are exhibiting at the International Association for Healthcare Security & Safety (IAHSS) exhibition in Orlando, Florida. The event, known for bringing together healthcare security professionals and industry experts, has Vismo showcasing its innovative technologies tailored to provide a duty of care to those lone workers in the healthcare sector.

At the exhibition, Vismo will showcase its latest advancements in App based GPS location tracking, emergency response systems, and security solutions. Attendees at the Vismo booth will have the opportunity to experience first hand the capabilities of our cutting-edge products, designed to enhance security within the healthcare industry.

"We are excited to have the opportunity to exhibit at IAHSS and demonstrate the impact of our solutions on healthcare security” said a Colin Dale, Global Sales Director for Vismo. "The healthcare industry faces unique security challenges, and our technology is specifically tailored to address these needs effectively. We are committed to supporting healthcare facilities in providing a safe and secure environment for both staff and patients."

Vismo's participation at IAHSS highlights the company's commitment to improving security measures in healthcare settings and fostering a culture of safety within the sector. By participating in at events like IAHSS, Vismo continues to showcase its expertise in healthcare security technology and its ongoing commitment to enhancing the overall safety and security landscape in healthcare facilities.

Join Vismo at booth 713 to experience first hand the capabilities of our solutions and learn how we are driving positive change and promoting safety and security in healthcare environments.

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