Vismo Case Studies

Emergency Response

A large multi national has sent a group of engineers to survey a section of essential pipeline. Each is equipped with a satelite phone with Vismo installed.

Business Benefits

A journalist has been despatched to cover a story about piracy around the African coast. Although he’s flying into a safe country, following the story could see him visit a number of countries in the region.

Command and Control

A clinical statistician is visiting an area of the middle east to determine the reasons why test data for a new drug trial are not producing the desired results.

Traveller Tracking

An earthquake hits a part of India in which a high-ranking government official is visiting the US Embassy causing structural damage and a cut in landline communications.

Reassurance for Employees

The CEO of a major petroleum corporation is due to discuss land rights in an area of Brazil. The area has been subject to kidnappings in the past and parties he is negotiating with are also known to have affiliations with local radicals.