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Increase Awareness of Risk

By organizations having the ability to immediately inform employees that an incident has happened or inform them of any situation where their risk increases, employees have a better understanding of this risk and can make more informed decisions.

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Mass Notification

Reach employees in seconds when an incident occurs with Mass Notification. Using live intelligence feeds into the Vismo Secure Portal, combined with geo-fencing, organizations can immediately send targeted messages to employees in the proximity of an incident to provide critical information and assist with safe evacuation.

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Simple to Use

Vismo’s user-friendly interface makes it simple to prebuild custom messages that can be configured quickly when an emergency arises. With a few simple clicks, Mass Notifications reach everyone who needs to be informed quickly.

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Create & Monitor Geo-Fences

When employees are dispersed to unknown or unsafe areas in the event of an emergency, the ability to set up geo-fences quickly using Vismo is essential to help keep employees safe. Geo-fences can be easily created on the Vismo Portal and will give a time and date stamped notification of both the entry and exit of the geo-fence.

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Protect the Safety of Your Employees

The Vismo Locate & Protect App uses the location services of the smartphone and tablet to establish the precise location of an employee's whereabouts in relation to risk and to assist their employer in the event of an incident. Highly optimized to provide the most accurate locations but with minimal impact on battery performance.

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Vismo Monitor App

The Vismo Monitor App allows Administrators  to better manage alerts triggered by employees using a mobile device or tablet rather than rely on using the Secure Portal. This makes Vismo Monitor the ideal solution for those who are responsible for employee safety whilst traveling or operating remotely from their PC.

When an alert is activated, administrators of the account receive a message with an interactive map displaying the employees last known location, their phone number and  email address with the ability to easily contact the employee and an audio recording from when the alert was activated.

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