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Identifying, Assessing and Managing Risk

The level of risk-management maturity varies across sectors and organisation. Using the world's leading providers of risk & threat intelligence, Vismo can help organisations to proactively reach out to employees about risk in their area without it creating undue work.


Added Peace of Mind

Vismo can help you proactively reach out to your employees about risk in their area without it creating you undue work. Vismo works with the world's leading providers of risk & threat intelligence which is displayed in the Vismo Secure Portal, overlaid against the locations of your team. Any relevant risks can then easily be communicated to staff so that they are constantly kept informed.

Your team can also raise a discreet emergency alert in the Vismo Locate & Protect App when an incident occurs, enter high risk areas or simply when they feel unsafe.

eSIM options are available from Vismo to help boost roaming and coverage options for the period of time workers are away.

NY - Geofences

Create & Monitor Geo-Fences

When your team is dispersed to unknown or unsafe areas in the event of an emergency, the ability to set up geo-fences quickly using Vismo is essential to help keep them safe. Custom-drawn shapes to the geo-fence and any applicable time conditions can be easily defined allowing you to understand when individuals enter or exit these locations.

Vismo L&P - MO

Protect the Safety of Your Employees

The Vismo Locate & Protect App uses the location services of the smartphone and tablet to establish the precise location of an employee's whereabouts in relation to risk and to assist their employer in the event of an incident. Highly optimized to provide the most accurate locations but with minimal impact on battery performance.

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Vismo Monitor - USA

Vismo Monitor App

The Vismo Monitor App allows you to better manage alerts trigged by individuals using a mobile device or tablet. 

When an alert is activated, administrators of the account receive a message with the individuals last known location, phone number, email address and an audio recording from when the alert was activated.

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